Nittaku Narucross EX Hard

$49.95 $29.95
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 91
Spin: 87
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium-Hard

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Nittaku Narucross EX rubber has the Narucross "cross system" with "Max Tension Technology" for the topsheet and sponge. Maximum tension results in Maximum tension without speed glue.

Narucross EX comes with two sponge options: Hard or Soft.
The Soft version offers extra touch and control
The Hard version offers extra speed with good spin.

Narucross EX Hard is used by US Team Member Samson Dubina. Samson says, "Narucross EX Hard is one of the world’s most powerful rubbers, hard enough for counterlooping yet soft enough for the best touch. Narucross EX Hard has the best control in it’s class of ultra-high-speed tensor rubbers. For me, the perfect combination is the Nittaku Ludeak blade teamed with Nittaku Narucross EX Hard!"

Samson Dubina holds these National titles:
2009 US Nationals Men's Singles Finalist
2009 US National World Team Member
2008 US National Mixed Doubles Champion

Very Good

I was afraid this rubber would be to bouncy and to fast. A very controllable tensor with excellent speed, spin and control. Medium-low throw on koto ply BTY TBS. Light weight for 2.1 thickness. This rubber comes with protection film which is a nice bonus. Compared to T64FX this rubber has slightly better control and a better price. Speed is a tic slower but spin is the same. Suitable for FH with softer version for BH. A great rubberr suitable for intermediate and advanced players. 5 Stars

- Butch, NE

Good forehand rubber

I am just a beginner. Once I started using this rubber, I can return balls that I couldnt do before. It is not hard at all, it feels medium soft when press it. The rubber is very elastic, has a lot of control and more spin then rubbers I used before.

Amazing rubber

I played with this for the first session: I am using as backhand on an off wood blade. Absolutely amazing, it is replacing my old Hammond X and what a difference. Although Hammond X is a really nice rubber, the Narucross EX hard outshines it in all aspects – speed, spin, looping. All my opponents were shivering every time I looped! Let us see how long it lasts.

s b

Excellent Rubber for controlled yet aggressive loopers

I am a two winged looper with my forehand being more vicious than my backhand, i can block very well too. I am currently using a Nittaku Lumilas Texilium blade with Narucross EX Hard on both sides. The rubber is not as hard as it shows, however that adds to the control of the rubber. I have used Tenergy 05 - its slow for my style of play, tenergy 64 - its a flat hitting rubber not for my game , Chinese national version Globe 999 - 38 degree, 39 degree, not great control and no sink in , however this rubber has a lot more gears because of the top sheet, its good to block, push and loop. Try it.

- Puru, OH

Excellent Rubber...

I have this on my forehand side (2.0 black). This rubber is very spinny but also super fast. Excellent for either topspin or drives.