Nittaku Narucross EX Soft

$49.95 $29.95
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 88
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium-Soft

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Nittaku Narucross EX rubber has the Narucross "cross system" with "Max Tension Technology" for the topsheet and sponge. Maximum tension without speed glue for a dynamic offensive game.

Narucross EX comes with two sponge options: Hard or Soft.
The Soft version offers extra touch and control
The Hard version offers extra speed with good spin.


You cant go wrong with Narucross series.

- jonis bjorkmann krickstein, NY

Great For Backhand

A grippy topsheet and softer sponge than regular Narucross EX Hard. Looping heavy underspin is easy with this rubber. Blocking is excellent. Fast in 1.9 thickness and almost matches speed of Narucross EX Hard 2.1 on FH. Service return is a breeze loaded with spin. Comes with a protector film. Suitable for intermediate and advanced players. 5 Stars.

- Butch, NE

Narucross EX soft good tensor rubber

This is a good tensor soft rubber which does not has the new spring sponge. It performs very good in everything with my Bty Taksim blade. It is much durable than many similar rubbers eg. Yasaka Pyride 30, Mark 5 etc. It will be a good buy if on sale ~$45.

- Allan from Canada, AB

Favorite rubber

My favorite all time rubber. Combined with Butterfly Primorac Carbon Off +, it is extremely fast. Narucross EX Soft is faster with less dwell time when compared to Tenergy FX 05, though this also means it has less control. As an offensive player, I prefer Narucross EX Soft over Tenergy FX 05. At half the price, this is a no-brainer.

Henry H.

Narucross EX soft

This rubber has above average spin and speed; not the fastest or the spinniest, but very good on both. It has a medium-low throw which makes blocking a breeze. The greatest thing this rubber offers is immense control. Ive played with several rubbers: Tenergy, Bryce, Genius, Sinus, Air Condle, various 729/lkt products, JO Platinum, etc. Never have I used a rubber that gave such control along with its speed and spin. You can loop and counterloop for days and see the ball just keep going right where you want it. You can vary the amount of spin and the arc as well from shot to shot. And lets not forget about the transition from serve to return to loop and such. With Narucross EX soft you can go from looping to flat hitting or whatever easily because it does all of it well. As far as Im concerned, there is no more consistent rubber than this. And at $37, its a bargain. Dont sleep on this one, ladies and gents.

UMBC Table Tennis

excellent speed and control

this rubber is best suited for offensive players like me, the control is very good and this rubber seems to last for a longer time than any other rubber that i have used. more power to nittaku.

- pacquiao bobby, CA

Faster than its harder twin

Narucross EX Soft is faster than Narucross EX Hard. Believe that? Its tacky, a lot of control. With price of $36 something. Its a top bargain of good rubbers. Though, I think it needs a harder blade to support.

- SuperTTDude David Yu, FL

Nice spin and speed - Very close to a speed glued rubber

This rubber is a very good performer without speed glue. I would say that it is 80% of the way towards the speed and feel of the original speed glues. The control is also quite good.