Nittaku Sou MF R

Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF-
Speed: 85
Control: 76
Blade Weight: 80
Plies: 1W
Blade Thickness: 8.0
Blade Handles: J-2
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side

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The Nittaku Sou MF R is a one-ply Japanese-style penhold blade. It is made in Japan with high quality Kiso wood, which has less distortion and shrinkage, excellent durabiltity, high elasticity and a fine grain.

Rated OFF- in speed, the Sou MF R provides excellent versatility for your offensive and all-round game.

MF stands for the "Multi Function" Grip with a handle protrusion on one side. And R stands for "Rectangular", as the blade head is slightly rectangular.