Xiom Omega IV Elite

Item# RXO4E
Brand: Xiom
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 95
Control: 71
Hardness: Soft



Omega IV Elite from XIOM: Balanced towards full "speed-glue" feel. New top sheet matched with upgraded soft Carbo Sponge offers amazing spin performance and extra-ordinary feel properties. Feel at the ball contact fully assimilate the soft-but-solid clicking sensation generated by speed glues. OMEGA IV ELITE also makes a bigger window over the net with high spinning trajectory. Deeper and longer ball dragging at the surface of OMEGA IV ELITE promotes extra control at impact. Combination of extra spin capability, reliable precision, and amazing consistency benefit modern allround professionals.

Designed for modern allround pros.
Longer ball dragging at contact with softer feel.
Very precise and consistent control.
Higher ball trajectory with extra spin performance.


Amazing rubber , its like new generation of Vega Europe. Not that soft, soft-medium sponge but amazing spin and much control! Highly recommended.