PRO SPECIAL: Nittaku Flame Carbon with Fastarc S-1

$189.95 $149.95
Item# ZZSNFLC297
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 96
Spin: 94

Blade: NITTAKU Flame Carbon (flared handle)
Rubber: NITTAKU Fastarc S-1 (2.0 mm sponge)
Playing Style: Aggressive Offense In Stock


The Nittaku Flame Carbon blade comes assembled with Fastarc S-1 rubber.

THE BLADE: The Flame Carbon blade has been developed using Nittaku's burning wood technology, which has the effect of hardening the outer wood ply and increasing speed. Add two plies of kevlar/carbon, and the result is a blade optimized for speed.

THE RUBBER: We combined this blade with the popular Fastarc S-1 rubber that has become a favorite for its amazing spin capabilities. This rubber utilizes a grippy topsheet and a soft tension sponge to generate explosive spin and power.

OVERALL: This blade and rubber combo is recommended for the offensive player that demands high speed and spin to put pressure on their opponent.
You can't go wrong with this paddle - Excellent Buy!!

I've played TT growing up pretty regularly and loved the sport. I was tired of the off-the-shelf paddles and was looking for something better in performance (power, speed and spin). I was little overwhelmed with the HUGE selection of paddles and rubber on paddle palace but Judy was enormously helpful in guiding me through all the choices (Thanks Judy). I've had this paddle for few weeks now and I absolutely love it. I already feel the difference this paddle has made to my game. For some people, it might take a little getting used to this paddle's power/speed to get the ball under control but this is an excellent buy anyday.


Not to happy

The blade is almost similar to the pre assembled stigma ignite you can buy from dicksporting goods for $100, it has a little more pin on the ball due to the better rubber quality but I have ad it for less then a month and it touched the table get lightly and a little chunk of rubber from both sides of the rubber came off, which really made me mad after spending over $150. I wish I could get a refund or return for them to issue me a better quality one but I don't think that's possible. I don't know how everyone reviewed it with a 5 star.

- Ivan Youhana, MI


Very fast and powerful. May be you'll need to do some weight lifting if you think it's not fast enough. Ha Ha !!


I have been away from playing TT for about 5 years and my old paddle rubbers died. After lot of looking on this site, I believed in the popularity factor and went for this paddle. I am a very heavily spin oriented player with lots of top spins even in my smashes, not to mention the chops. In one word, I almost can't hit the ball without spin. Another forte I have is my defense. I can get any good player frustrated by just returning a smash. This paddle fit into my style from the word go. The amount of spin I am able to do with this is incredible. At the same time, the rubbers absorb a lot of speed while I am defending and makes returning look rather easy. Both backhand and forehand rubbers are just perfect. The best part of playing with this paddle is the sweet sound of the ball hitting the paddle. Very very happy with the purchase.

- Rudra Sinha, CT

Excellent combo for the technically minded offensive player

Been away from the sport for 15+ years. My first combo back was the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon with fastarc S-1 backhand P-1 backhand. I accidentally broke that paddle and went to this combo. Slightly thicker blade and fractionally heavier. I am an offense minded player with more of a tennis style play - flat hard smashes with just enough top spin to clear the net. The paddle has an amazing sweet spot dead center that covers about 50% of the surface. That said, hits off the end and low side come off pretty dead. Some have complained about the handle - I find it to be one of the most comfortable I have every used. The Ma Lin Carbon handle had a very rough finish - so much so that I had to wrap it. This Nittaku handle feels great. One massive plus for this combo is its blocking/stabbing on defense - Super solid on this front. Summary - This combo feels amazing when hit in the sweetspot - control and speed enough to attack with confidence. Defense is also great - only grip is the small sweetspot compared to other carbon blades.


Homerun paddle

I started playing again on a regular basis in July of this year after years of not playing. After playing a few months I felt was ready for a better paddle and bought the Nittaku Flame Carbon. This paddle is awesome. I immediately felt the power on shots and control. My game has improved by leaps and bounds.


Excellent Combination

I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed by Nittaku, and this combo is one of their very best. Excellent spin and control. I was blown away with how well I was able to place my serves. The only downside is that I expected a little more speed out of this combo, although I was actually glad it wasn't quite as fast as I expected (it's still fast).


Thumbs UP !

Excellent paddle... amazed at it potential.. LOVE IT !!!


I am winning a lot more because of this paddle !!

Very good paddle & rubbers. I am making a lot of shoots that I weren't making before. Very fast, very powerful yet it has good control. A good buy !!


Power! Spins! Just what they said.

First impression of this paddle wow! what a power! Its amazing and even trying to recover from your opponents kill shots. The only issue I might have is control. But I can fine tune my skills to adapt to this paddle. The more I play on it the more I want to leave from my other paddle.

- Richard Chiang, DC