PRO SPECIAL: Stiga Inspira CCF with Stiga Platinum XH

$339.85 $274.95
Item# ZZSSIPR311
Brand: Stiga

Blade: STIGA Inspira CCF (flared handle)
Rubber: STIGA Platinum XH (Max sponge)
Playing Style: Modern Offense In Stock


The Stiga Inspira CCF blade with flared handle is assembled with Stiga Platinum XH rubber with 2.3 mm sponge thickness.

THE BLADE: The Stiga Inspira CCF blade (flared handle) is a fast, offensive blade with CCF (Close Core Fiber) technology. A carbon fiber layer on the wood core gives a softer touch and greater control. The perfect combination of carbon fiber and wood for a stable blade with a larger sweetspot.

THE RUBBER: The Stiga Platinum XH rubber (2.3 sponge) is an advanced rubber with superior grip and spin that allow for strikes from challenging angles. A thinner top sheet can accommodate a thicker sponge, thus offering more speed and power and Power Sponge Cells give increased catapult effect and optimal power.

OVERALL: Together this combination gives the player the upper hand in spin-spin topspin rallies. It is the ideal choice for spin dominating offensive players.