PRO SPECIAL: Tibhar Balsa Allround 50 with Aurus Select

$144.85 $114.95
Item# ZZSTBFA308
Brand: Tibhar
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 79
Spin: 92

Blade: TIBHAR Balsa Allround 50 (flared handle)
Rubber: TIBHAR Aurus Select (2.1 sponge)
Playing Style: Allround Spin & Control In Stock


The Tibhar Balsa Allround 50 blade comes assembled with Aurus Select rubber.

THE BLADE: The Balsa Allround 50 blade focuses on both control and ball sensation. It allows you to play both a controlled topspin game, or block and counter shots at the table in complete comfort.

THE RUBBER: The Aurus Select rubber is a real positive for speed, provides optimized spin, and fantastic sensation.

OVERALL: This combination is an allrounder and constitutes the perfect weapon for the player seeking consistent performance and excellent feeling.

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