PRO SPECIAL: Tibhar Stratus Power Wood with Evolution FX-S

$182.95 $155.95
Item# ZZSTSPW305
Brand: Tibhar
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 91
Spin: 97

Blade: TIBHAR Stratus Power Wood (flared handle)
Rubber: TIBHAR Evolution FX-S (2.1 sponge)
Playing Style: Modern Offense In Stock


The Tibhar Stratus Power Wood blade comes assembled with Evolution FX-S rubber.

THE BLADE: The Tibhar Stratus Power Wood blade distinguishes itself with an unlimited flexibility. From the hard flip to a precise topspin with lots of rotation, you will be able to realize the whole range of stroke play for the offensive game! (flared handle)

THE RUBBER: The Evolution FX-S rubber has a flexible medium sponge and high-grip topsheet that creates a sensational feeling and generates enormous spin.

OVERALL: This combination is ideal for a wide range of offensive players that use spin to take the initiative.
Great First Impressions

This paddle is an upgrade from my Donic Waldner Exclusive AR+ with Donic Vario rubber. This combination adds more spin, speed, and feeling. After the first few shots I already feel very confident with this combination of the Stratus Power Wood and Evolution FX-S rubber. Great blade and rubber, highly recommended.

- Steven, WA