PRO SPECIAL: Xiom Allround S with Vega Europe

$134.85 $109.95
Item# ZZSXALS297
Brand: Xiom
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 78
Spin: 90

Blade: XIOM Allround S (flared handle)
Rubber: XIOM Vega Europe (2.0 mm sponge)
Playing Style: Allround Spin & Control In Stock


The Xiom Allround S blade comes assembled with Vega Europe rubber.

THE BLADE: The Allround S blade is a classic allround blade with lowered and controlled speed that provides the opportunity to manage and direct a game. Solid and clear feel connects the ball with the player's senses.

THE RUBBER: The Vega Europe rubber is equipped with Xiom's Carbo Sponge and Hyper Elasto topsheet that have combined to create a rubber with innovative spin performance as well as the largest safe zone or sweet spot to minimize mistakes.

OVERALL: This combination is best for traditional allround players and those looking for their first competition paddle.

Pro Specials Chart
Excellent overall

Purchased this after a member at my club did the same. Fantastic value in both the blade and rubber. Excellent control, plenty of speed and spin. A lot of feeling to this combo. By no means is it a brick- you can feel everything, which I like. Really a nice combo for the money.

Very pleased - Exactly as described

This is definitely a control-based build. It doesn't bounce off the paddle like some other kinds do. But that's what I wanted, since I needed to focus more on getting the ball on the table rather than getting it on the table at a fast speed. This does have a really good window for looping, making it easy to loop from below net level or high above. The only downside I can think of is that the red side was significantly better in spin and possibly speed than the black side, but that was probably just an anomaly since they're the same rubber. The nice thing is that this comes pre-assembled, but if you want to switch out rubbers at any point it would be easy.

- Giovanni, WA

Solid performer

I am a beginner and I wanted something that wasnt too fast but had a good amount of spin. The racket and rubber combo seems to do very well. It produces a good amount of spin and the ball doesnt fly off the racket, so I can concentrate on developing my stroke. I was very happy with the quality of both the racket and the rubber. The handle seemed a little too thin for my hands so I added some athletic tape to it.

- Harold, WA