Paddle Palace Robot G2W Pro

Paddle Palace Robot G2W Pro

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The Paddle Palace G2W Pro Robot is everything you need in a table tennis robot. It is a high-quality, long-lasting robot that is easy to use, yet offers the sophisticated technology for setting the ideal training patterns for players of all levels.

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Paddle Palace G2W Robot is everything you need in a robot!
The G2W Pro does everything that a serious table tennis player desires, yet is simple and easy to operate for any playing level. The G2W has two throw wheels with independently programmed motors, allowing a great variety and degree of spins, including topspin, underspin, sidespin, and no-spin. Plus, a new technological advancement allows the robot to shoot consecutive shots with different spins. You can program your own sequences including 11 landing spots with combinations of short and long balls, all with the same spin. Or, you can choose from 30 pre-programmed sequences which have combinations of spins, short and long balls, and with a variety of landing spots. The G2W is a high-quality long-lasting robot that will take any player's game to the next level.

Different spins for consecutive shots
A break-through technology allows the G2W to shoot different spins in consecutive shots in the same sequence. When choosing from the 30 pre-programmed sequences, you have a choice of different spins (topspin, underspin, and sidespin), short and long balls, and 11 landing spots on the table. This is an advancement not only over robots with only one throw wheel, but it also offers more than other robots with two throw wheels.

Program your own sequences
You have great flexibility in programming your own sequences with the G2W Pro. For each shot you choose the spin (topspin, underspin, sidespin, no-spin), you choose the landing spot, you choose short or long, and you choose how many balls shoot to each spot. In the self-programming mode, all the balls are shot with the same spin.

Choose from 30 pre-programmed sequences
Besides the versatility of programming your own sequences, the G2W Robot comes with 30 pre-programmed sequences. These sequences offer excellent choices of spin and landing spot patterns. They range from easy patterns to more complicated and challenging patterns. For example:
Sequence #1 shoots two short underspins to the right side followed by two long topspins to the left side.
Sequence #19 shoots a sidespin/underspin wide to the left side followed by a long underspin wide to the right side followed by two long topspins wide to the right side.
Sequence # 29 shoots a short sidespin/underpin to the left side followed by a short underspin to the right side followed by two long underspins to the left side followed by a long topspin to the left side followed by a long topspin to the right side.

Two throw wheels
The Paddle Palace G2W Pro has two throw wheels. Each wheel has its own motor with individual settings. This allows for a great variety of spins, from topspin, underspin, sidespin, and even no spin. You can also set the degree of light or heavy spin that you want.

Remote control box controls all functions
The remote control box can be set on the player's side of the table, and it controls all functions of the robot. An advancement over other robots is that from the control box you can control the movement of the robot head up or down for higher or lower balls, and you can rotate the head for topspin, underspin, and sidespin.

Random sequence mode
Select the “Irregular Rotation” key to randomize spin. When selected, the shooting head rotates automatically in a clock-wise and/or counter-clockwise direction. The spin will vary with each shot as the shooting head rotates.

Memory function
A memory function saves your current settings. When you turn the robot on for your next practice session, your previously saved sequence is ready to go.

Ball counter
The ball counter on the control box allows you to set the number of balls (up to 999) the will shoot for any playing sequence. 

Ball catch nets and recycling system
The Paddle Palace Robots come with a ball catch net collection system that catches the balls and directs them to be recycled back into the robot for continuous play.

Easy to set up and operate
The robot comes ready to play. No tools are required -- just take it out of the box, roll it to the table, slip on the net, and you are ready to go. The robot rolls easily from the table when you need to put it away.

High-quality, durable, with one year warranty
The G2W Pro is a solidly built, reliable machine completely supported by Paddle Palace’s 30-day money-back guarantee and one year limited warranty.

Your Paddle Palace Robot purchase includes:
FREE 120 Nittaku J-Top Training Balls
FREE Ball Pick-up Net
FREE Robot Training DVD
FREE Shipping to contiguous USA

Paddle Palace G2W Pro has great features:
* Two throw wheels
* New technological advance allows robot to throw different spins on consecutive shots
* Program your own sequences including 11 landing spots and short and long balls
* Includes 30 programmed sequences with combinations of topspin, underspin, sidespin, long balls, short balls, and with a variety of landing spots
* Remote control box on players side of table for all settings, including ball trajectory
* Random sequence mode shoots topspin, underspin, sidespin, short and long balls, to random landing spots
* Memory function saves current settings for next practice session
* Ball recycling and net collection system
* Easy set up, and rolls from table for convenient storage

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Great Robot - Excelent Training

Roughly 90% accuracy rate considering landing spots. Great speed. Great spin. MANY FEATURES! Overall...... superb investment! The ability to go from topspin/backspin in consecutive shots is DEFINITELY WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY!!!!!!!

James Connolly