Ping Pong For Fighters Book

Ping Pong For Fighters Book

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Ping Pong for Fighters, a book by Paralympic Gold Medalist Tahl Leibovitz.
Paperback. 152 pages. Foreward by World Champion Stellan Bengtsson.

Tahl Leibovitz is known for his passionate play, creativity, and indomitable spirit. In Ping Pong for Fighters, he reveals the mind and heart of world-class table tennis - how champions think, act, and succeed, even when things don't go their way.

Leibovitz identifies four main elements in competitive play - the environment, the ball, the opponent, and the self. Master each element and players will eliminate unnecessary baggage from their game, finding themselves more resilient, focused, less frustrated, and better equipped to handle the volatile nature of table tennis.

In Ping Pong for Fighters, Tahl Leibovitz has developed a philosophy for the thinking and feeling player. Rather than teaching players to get into fights, Ping Pong for Fighters gives you the tools to develop confidence, self-belief and a will to win that remains long after you've left the table. Here is what is being said about this book:

"For over a decade, Tahl and I competed together in international tournaments against the best players in the world. And while his magical hands and crazy shot-making skills are legendary, the one thing I can say for sure is that Tahl Leibovitz has the strongest will to win of any player I have ever seen. He is the ultimate ping pong fighter."
Mitchell Seidenfeld - World Champion and Paralympic Gold Metalist

"Tahl Leibovitz is one of the great American table tennis players of all-time. His international record speaks for itself. His fighting spirit and play to the end attitude are well known strengths of his game. Tahl brings to this book years of match experience at both the national and world stage that will help any player improve. I am sure this book will help you become a 'true competitor'!"
Dan Seemiller - Five-time US Singles Champion & US Olympic Coach

"Tahl Leibovitz has forever been overcoming the odds as he fought his way to the top, so it's only fitting that he write Ping Pong for Fighters - and if readers have even a fraction of his fight, they too can reach the top."
Larry Hodges - USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame Coach and Writer

"Very rarely exists a world-class player so honest with the secrets it takes to win. Tahl Leibovitz reveals just what it takes to compete at the highest level - and how to do it. Follow the advice in this book and you will be able to play your absolute best when it counts the most."
Sean O'Neill - Two-time US Olympian and five-time US Singles Champion