SpinMax Aqueous Cleaner

Brand: Spinmax
Type: Cleaner

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Water-Based Performance Rubber Cleaner! Can be sent by air shipment!

WOW! How did they do it? The new SpinMax Aqueous has a new water-based formula that is every bit as effective as the original! Very effective on super spin rubbers. It maximizes friction throughout the life of the rubber, enabling excellent control and spin. Resistant to moisture, heat, and cold - consistent grip in all weather. Not detrimental to life of sponge. This really works for rejuvenating the spin of your rubber.

Size: 250ml.

SpinMax Applicator Kit purchased separately for applying the cleaner.
I could never train or play without it for the rest of my life

Spin Max Aqueous solution is the king of all rubber cleaners/rejuvenators; I bought one bottle and use a tiny drop on each side before playing--or if my Paddle gets dirty from playing for a while. It has lasted me months and makes Tenergy 05 rubbers feel like they did when they were brand new out of the wrapper. I could never use another rubber cleaner ever again because this is the real deal and well worth every penny. Just dont spill it or get it on you because it is poisonous. The only complaint I have is that after a few months of using it the cap starts to wear and wont close completely any more--that and it is hard to get on and off. But honestly that shouldnt stop you from getting this product, wether you are an amateur or a professional, never play with a dirty or worn paddle again!

- Matt Sullivan, NY


its so good that the ball wouldnt come off the paddle! :D 0.o

T-Man dude


It makes your rubber sticky. Definitely adds spin, but slows down your shot due to the increased dwell time. I used it [original formula, not aqueous] for a little while when I was around 1200 or so. It made my loops finally have spin, haha. But when my technique got better [thanks, Samson!], I did not need or want this anymore. It definitely does what is advertised, though; I might recommend it to a chopper who doesnt mind slowing down the ball.

- Ray Nagel, NY

stiga alman + spinmax

adds significant spin to your rubber. i used it on hard stiga almana and ended up with a very fast and spinny rubber thats what the tensors are. works exactly as advertised

- m p, WA

Spinmax aqueous cleaner

It's pretty neat, it acts more like a rubber rejuvenator, it is not as simple as other cleaners, but it is only effective with the applicator kit. It even makes a DEAD rubber spinny

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