Stiga Allround NCT

$51.95 $39.95
Brand: Stiga
Class: ALL+
Speed: 79
Control: 77
Blade Weight: 75
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood

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The balance between speed, weight and control is outstanding in the Stiga Allround Wood NCT blade. With the NCT, you will hit the ball harder without sacrificing control.

Stiga NCT Wood: Changing the Way the Game is played.
The Stiga NCT blades use the latest technologies -- it is designed for the new era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008. In fact, it employs a secret ingredient which testing has shown helps you hit the ball harder and increases the life of the blade. The new era of table tennis has started at Stiga: has it with you?
NCT blade

I was previously using a tibhar texo off and wanted to add more control to my game, but sadly the lightness of this blade altered my game tremendously, probably better for low-mid tier players who want more control and less pop to their shots, was using tibhar hybrid k1 forehand and stiga innova on backhand

- Grey Wollman, SC

I recommend this as the first blade

Made in Sweden My favorite blade, small, light, not too fast for me, and with a large sweet spot. Given the good price, I recommend this as the first blade (after moving up from premade raquets) for all but the very strong, who will likely prefer something heavier. I don't feel vibrations, and prefer it this way. Never used with the new poly-ball.

excellent feel and control. and not slow

I disagree with the former review, but it is probably just a matter of taste. Superior control and super light mine is 75g; I put Hexter HD 1.9mm on both sides hard and heavy and it is still a light setup. It is fast enough and control and feel are great to me. It does have slight vibration but I generally dont like blades with no vibration, since with slight vibration I can tell the effectiveness of my strokes. I tried other all-around blades timo boll all+, donic waldner exclusive, etc. and this one is the best. It is my main setup and I enjoyed it very much. I used to use innerforce zlc blade but found it a bit heavy and too fast for my taste so I am keeping it for the future when I get to a certain higher level in the future right now usatt 1700+

Good to get started

This blade is very light, its has a nice feel in your hand and is pretty good all around to get started in the game. Its good to use while you ingrain strokes and establish your foundation. Once you start looping a lot its time to move on. The one thing I did not like at all was the feel... This website does not rate the feel of blades and I think they should. This blade has a hard feel, significant vibration throughout. I put a very soft rubber and it was better, but still pretty hard overall.

- Shawn, FL