Stiga Celero

$59.95 $41.95
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Blade Thickness: 5.5
Blade Weight: 90
Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF-
Control: 70
Material: All Wood
Plies: 5w
Speed: 86



The Stiga Celero is an offensive 5-ply blade with outstanding control. It is built for the player who requires excellent control in his attacking strokes. The surface has extra hardness and smooth finish thanks to the Diamond Touch Technology. It has thinner and harder middle veneers which give more control without losing power.
New Model From Stiga

This long overdue model is a welcome addition to the Stiga OFF-Class. Attractive blade that is suitable for a wide range of player seeking a blade that isn't to fast or to slow that has very good build quality. This very spin friendly blade has excellent control with a medium sweet spot. The blade surface has the Diamond Touch surface so no sealing is required. Some light sanding is needed to remove the edges at the bottom of the wings if desired. Very suitable blade for allround style with allround class rubber or for loopers with tensor rubbers. Not a power blade for away from table play. Would have given 5 stars except for the need for some sanding the wings. A safe choice for many players.