Stiga Clipper CR WRB ST w/Donic Bluestorm Z2 & DHS Hurricane 3 Natl Ed. (#956)

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Item# ZSSCLIC956
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand

Straight-handle blade assembled with Donic Bluestorm Z2 & DHS Hurricane 3 National Edition In Stock


This Stiga Clipper CR WRB blade with a straight handle is assembled with red Donic Bluestorm Z2 (1.9mm) & black DHS Hurricane 3 National Edition (2.2mm) rubber.

The Blade: Famous throughout the world for its speed and appreciated particularly by players who want extra power behind their stroke. Stiga Clipper Wood is used by many Asian world class players. The Clipper CR has the CR-system, a revolution in blade technology. The front part of the blade is UV-finished, which yields a reasonably increased speed to the ball (at least 21% faster than a conventional blade).

Red Rubber: Donic Bluestorm Z2 has a long, thin pimple structure and a large pored sponge. This 47.5 degree medium hard sponge is ideal for many players. One feels the storm and its power with the first contact and can direct this energy where one wants. Great speed, enormous rebound, with excellent spin and speed characteristics.

BLUESTORM RUBBERS: A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating extra power and speed. The Donic Bluestorm Series offers noticeably greater acceleration while retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics, making the latest trend.

The thinnest sponge is 1.9mm, middle sponge thickness is 2.1mm - and the thickest variation is called max+, because this sponge is even thicker than previous max versions.

Black Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 National Edition is the highest quality version of Hurricane 3 available. With the National version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed.

Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified!
2.2mm Orange sponge.
Hardness: 39-degree.