Stiga Energy WRB

Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF-
Speed: 82
Control: 71
Blade Weight: 77
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood



Stiga WRB Energy: The unique combination of veneer and the special drying process that Stiga use creates a very light blade that offers a perfect mix between speed and control that is unique to Stiga. This combination creates optimum feel that all players desire. The Stiga WRB Energy is the same as the Stiga Energy but it has the hollow-handle feature of the WRB handle, which enhances the balance of the blade and lightens it.

WRB: W=Weight balance. The balance of the blade is scientifically moved to the point contact is made with the ball. R=Rate of recovery. Due to the decrease in blade weight the player improves his rate of recovery after each stroke. B=Ball sensitivity. The scientifically positioned recess in the handle provides extra sensitivity of touch.
Looping Blade

This soft and light blade excels in looping close/mid distance with very good touch and control. Fast speed with the offensive tensor rubbers. Sanding and sealing is a must due to fragile outer plys. Good blade for allround play with thinner rubbers due to good control and dwell. Conic and Legend grip feel outstanding. Reasonable price.