Stiga J.M.S. Evo 1

Item# RSSE1
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 56
Spin: 68
Control: 92
Hardness: Medium-Soft



JMS Evo 1 is an exceptional allround rubber for players wanting to develop their game. Evo 1 guarantees ease in learning all modern offenseive strokes. Evo 1 is suited for a powerful attacking style of play with a focus on control.
From the J.M. Saive signature series.
Good value for all-round

I put this on a firm blade. Top sheet has very good spin but must use good technique. The sponge is somewhat medium hard. Listed speed rating is too low in my opinion. Feels similar to Innova but costs less.

Best control rubber on the market!

I've tried just about every control rubber out there and this rubber is amazing. Not too slow and able to get enough spin. The control is incredible. Previously I had come to believe that only the Gambler reflectiod rubbers had this much control, but those rubbers are 3/10 on speed. This rubber has pin-point accuracy! If you value control, try these!!!


Giant leap for an advanced beginner

I have played table tennis since I was a kid, but always rather casually with athletic, but not terribly skilled competition. After playing with a sports authority purchased paddle against quality players who take the sport seriously, I knew I needed the "real thing." Knowing I was no Ma Long, I wanted great rubber that matched my skill level. This rubber has a 96 rating for control, and that is a good thing, because to me it was super fast as well ( but not fast to a highly skilled player). I took my paddle to work to play and two people have already bought the same paddle from Paddle Palace (partially due the fact they couldn't beat me anymore).

- Chris N, WA

Good all-around rubber

This is a pretty good rubber. It doesnt have much spin to it. But it hits pretty accurate. It is good for All-around players.

Daniel Douglas