Stiga Mendo MP

$32.95 $24.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 83
Spin: 74
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium

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Mendo MP is a high-tech rubber that revolutionizes your touch and sets new standards in transforming energy. Faster than conventional rubbers and nevertheless offers excellent touch and control.
A real beast

This rubber was popular in the speed glue era. When tuned, the Stiga Meno MP is a beast. Amazing sound, speed, and spin. Try it. You will be hooked!

mendo mp

Used for less than 25 times. Started to fall apart around the edges

not durable

used it less than 20 times. rubber started to deteriorate and leave little pieces on the table. before that it worked fine.

MP is WAY Underrated........

This rubber is WAY underrated by many in my opinion. Very durable and a high quality sheet. More than enough speed and spin capabilities. Good for serving and for the short game as well. And for a rubber with its power is very controllable and gives you what you put into it. Maybe not as fast or spinny as some of the newer rubbers but across the board I do not think many can match its versatility. This may be one of the reasons why so many top Swedes {Karlsson,Hakansson, etc,.} used this rubber for so long....

Fantastic with speed glue...

If you speed glue, try this on a soft All+/Off- blade and watch the fun! Huge spin and speed with unbelievable control and linearity. Without glue, theres nothing special about it, but top sheet is very grippy not tacky and so there is decent amount of spin. Give it 3 stars w/o glue, 5 with glue.

Review: Mendo MP review

An under-rated rubber by this rating- speed/spin ought to be 9+. After reading positive reviews about this rubber on several websites, decided to give it a try. Glued this to a very hard/stiff blade (no speed glue). Pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. Semi-hard sponge but lightweight. Topsheet has great mechanical spin but is not sticky and is very sensitive; feels like a screeching car tire while looping. Everything about this rubber is crisp - sharp spin, sharp speed and probably in the same class as Bryce. Loops well at the top of the bounce. If you're used to Mark V rubber switching to this requires minimal adjustment, but moving up a notch in speed/spin capability. Also the rubber gives the rated speed/spin on all types of blades. To sum up, a versatile rubber that can do pretty much everything - slow loop, smash, serve, loop against backspin, counterdrive. Compared with Mark V, the tradeoffs were the muffled sound Mark V is well known for with the clicking sound fo Mendo MP, and maybe soft pushes close to the table. IMO, the ruber maybe best with an offensive blade with high control. Would recommend it.