Stiga Mendo

$29.95 $24.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 78
Spin: 78
Control: 81
Hardness: Medium

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Mendo is a great rubber for attacking and offensive players. Because of the extremely resilient sponge, it gives the extra speed players are looking for.
Liking this rubber!

I have been using the 2.0 Mendo for 2 months now. I like it on all fronts. I am a developing player in the 1800 rating area, and I felt the tensors I tried were making me lazy and hurting my strokes. With Mendo, I feel I am hitting the ball under my own steam again, and I believe I am improving because of it. Great control on my Samsonov Alpha. Its been quite durable, even though I have put it through some rough treatment. Id compare it to Mark V. I think I will get this again in Max, keep a good thing going. Probably not for the expert player looking for a speed or spin edge; but a really good allround rubber for those of us learning to hit properly and put the ball where we want it to go.

- Cameron, CA


Im a pen-hold player and I use an All-around paddle Juic Iseki Carbon and I have used this rubber for over 2 months. It is very good for a player wanting a lot of control, power and spin. This one is perfect to return serves, to spin and to win rallies by putting the ball at the corners. If you are an attacking player wanting to have lots of control and still power.. this is it!

- Pat, CA