Stiga Neos Tacky

$36.95 $24.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 72
Spin: 90
Control: 84
Hardness: Medium

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Offensive tacky spin. Approximately 10% lighter than regular rubber sheets. Now STIGA's R & D department has been able to apply the Air-Capsule System to the top sheet. This new cutting edge rubber technology further increases the advantages of the Air-Capsule System, creating an even more responsive rubber sheet with more tension. The results of this new technology--Mega Tension--have so far been amazing! With Mega Tension the "molecule-walls" are thinner than ordinary top sheets. This feat creates more tension without increasing the weight of the rubber, causing quicker rubber recovery.
Lethal serves and Backspin Chops

Ive got the 2.3mm Black. This rubber is amazing. Try serving a backspin serve with this tacky one. Ive won many points with that and the sidespin-topspin forehand serve. For the opponent to topspin it is quite difficult. The best part is when you give a float instead of the spin serve, it sets up a smash in a 3-point attack, for which I flip to the red driving rubber, as the neos smashs and loops are not good enough to end the point. The other con is reacts a lot when receiving spinny serves. I would try a red max with a long pips black once, with active flipping. This is a special rubber meant for speciality strokes.