Stiga Premier Shoes

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Item# HSPR
Brand: Stiga

Clearance Price! Very Limited sizes available!


The Stiga Premier shoes are perfect for table tennis! The design at the front gives perfect grip in length and sideways movement and the extra high outer sole gives your foot extra support even when making the fastest movements. An asymmetrical heel design provides a very stable and strong support combined with comfortable padding. White with orange and gray accent colors.

European Sizes 36 and 37.

PREMIER has specific features allowing for customised support around the arch and width accommodation through the forefoot.
SMS (Side Movement Support) on the outsole
Extra soft EVA at the forefoot of the insole for genuine floor feeling.
Insole with Hexagon gel support for excellent heel support. EVA stabilizer for mid foot control.
Sorbo foam front foot absorbents for extra comfort and feeling. Arch support on the insole.

Seems great!

Just got the shoes for my 10 years old son. Looks great -- and seems high quality.


Low quality

Ordered it on Sept 1, 2017. In less than two weeks, the shoe sole started to come off - apparently there was not enough glue used. Thoroughly annoyed. Almost tripped while playing.

Wears out too quick and too pricey

I bought these shoes 2 years ago but it fell apart after 12 months of usage. I play twice a week at the most. I feel this isn't worth $100 because it wears out so fast. Final verdict: 3 stars for comfort but since it's overly priced, I give it 2 stars.

- Sean H, MD

Its not durable

I bought this shoe 6 months ago. Left Shoe tore at my little finger position. This is not a durable shoes. I paid close to $90 USD. Its not worthy for the price.


Comfortable and good for table tennis

Comfortable, worth the money, good for table tennis, flexible

Not very comfortable

Most uncomfortable shoe I have worn.

Very comfortable and good table tennis shoes!

Love these. They are grippy on the bottom, light for moving quickly, and they are super comfortable. These are the best tt shoes I've ever had.

- Joey, CA

Stiga Premier own one pair...

I own one pair and am ordering another today. It is the best shoe I have ever owned for playing table tennis. Rev.J. Hamilton, Retired.


Worth the money

I was very satisfied with these shoes. They are the first made for table tennis shoes I have owned, and I can definitely tell the difference between these and other tennis shoes. They are lightweight, and my orthotics fit well in them. The arch support seem good even for those not using orthotics. No slippage in the heel, as advertised.

Mark Da Vee