Stiga STS 185 Table

Item# TE185
Brand: Stiga
Type: Indoor
ITTF Approved: No
Table Playing Surface: 3/4" wood
Table Ship Weight: 210
Folded dimension: H62" x W60" x D30"
Table Play-Back: Yes
Pre-Assembled: No

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Excellent Value Home Recreational Table!

This table features a top with silk-screened play field lines and a compact folded storage position.

The top is supported by a 2 steel apron with integrated ball storage in each end apron. Two inch square steel legs with additional steel cross-braces and a self-opening design provide support.

Easy rolling 3 mag-style wheels, along with a low center of gravity when folded, make the table easy to move.

The built-in net posts pivot away to allow the table to be folded without removing the net.

The table is designed to be folded into a playback position if desired.

Measures 62 x 60 x 30 in storage position
Great instructions, but several small problems in assembly

This is a very solid table, and the instructions are excellent, very explicit, making sure you are careful when necessary. However, I want to list several problems I encountered: 1. The first direction is to sort all the hardware and make sure you have the number indicated for each one in the directions. The plastic bag of hardware arrived with a rip in it, and it seemed many locknuts were missing. The instructions said there should be 20, and there were only 8. I called customer service and they sent me another full bag of hardware, which arrived several weeks later. It turned out that the Quantity: 20 was a typo. Only 8 were required. 2. This was a more serious flaw. This model has a 2-piece plastic clip on the underside of each side of the table, which are already installed when it arrives. It's necessary to thread a part through this clip when assembling, and then into socket on another part. We were unable to line up the two parts on one of the sides, trying many ways, even getting ready to resort to a hammer to tap the part into line, all the while holding up the very heavy table half, when I suddenly notice that one of the clip parts had been attached upside down! Instead of one half on the left and one half on the right, both halves had been installed on the left side, and the lower one was preventing our part from lining up! We had to remove it and flip it to the correct orientation in order to continue the assembly. Also, the clip would not have functioned properly if we had not flipped it. 3. This is just a minor complaint, a cosmetic one. The table edges that meet under the net are the only ones not covered with a metal rim, and the sawed edge was left with a slight rought flange sticking up all along it. Any abrasion at all will cause the paint to flake off this edge, leaving a rough appearance down the center of the table. It's a shame, the rest of the paint job looks so nice.


Great for a work table

I submitted a suggestion to purchase ping pong equipment for our law firm. Amazingly, the partners agreed and we have this fancy table in our midst. I really enjoy the construction, though I did replace the net with something with a little more umph. Great value and a great buy. You will enjoy this table.

- Aaron, MO

best table ever!!!

this table is the best!!!its so nice and it looks amazing.i think u will get a bargain for this price.i think its wortth 1000 dollars.but its only 550 dollars!!!i use it and its the best table i ever have used in my life!!!u should use it to.the ball storage compartment is amazing!!so is the playback option!!! its the best table ever!!!

- bill martin, AL