Stiga Sterope

$81.95 $65.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand
Class: OFF+
Rubber Type: Smooth

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Thanks to ACS and TUBE technology, the Stiga Sterope table tennis bat offers players the possibility of experiencing maximum spin, speed, and control. The ideal offensive racket, the Sterope is pre-assembled with Stiga Premium smooth rubber with 2.0mm sponge thickness.

Anatomic handle. Speed: OFF+
Used it for six months

My friend has a Sterope and other than name, it is identical to my Stiga Cannon. My Cannon weights 154g, has a rather stiff blade (probably carbon-reinforced), and plays All+ (not Off+). Very good control, good spin, medium speed. After six months of use I bought my first custom-made paddle and it seemed flimsy compared to the Cannon. I kept buying until I found a blade more like the Cannon, which I now keep in my office to dispatch co-workers. So why not 5 stars? As of now (Feb. 2015), you can add another 45% to the price and get the "shakehand combo" with Stiga Allround NCT, and (say) Calibra LT Sound rubbers, no worse in any respect and with some extra spin AND the prospect to change rubbers if your style demands it.


Good racket with any name

This is a nice racket for an all-around game. I have two of them, not realizing I already had it when I ordered. It is the Stiga Cannon. Same anatomic handle, color, rubber, WRB, Tube, and Crystal technology, selling for much less money in a national US sporting goods store. The interesting part is that the numerical ratings are different. One has a control of 42, the other 90. But dont pay any attention to that, as they are indeed the same. I once saw the identical Joola racket in the same store, same price with two different sets of packaging and ratings. Not trying to be contrary about the ratings. Paddle Palace is upfront when they say that the ratings for pre-assembled paddles are not comparable to speed ratings in the rubber and blade department. Likewise, ratings between manufacturers are different. Its just carried to another level when the identical racket is rated differently.

- Robert, MD

best blade yet

it is a relay good blade but the rubber needs some work found that this blade worked a lot better with akkidi taichi on back hand and baracuda on forehand it seems to increase the sweet spot allows for better loops and it also has a lot of power for a little blade it is not to be taken lightly

Good Bat

I have had this bat for about a week and so far it is playing nicely. Great spin and enough control to keep the ball on the table. The rubber that it comes preassembled with though does seem a bit lesser in quality than some of the other rubbers on the market. Over all though a good bat to elevate a recreational player a notch or two.