Stiga Table Cleaner

Brand: Stiga

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Stiga Table Cleaner is non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and voc-free. It removes and cleans grease and dust from all kinds of table tennis tables. Fast drying, and generates an antistatic effect. Purchase includes a 30 x 35 cm soft, lint-free absorbent cloth.

How to use: Spray the product on the table surface and let it rest a few seconds to penetrate the dirt. Wipe off with cloth.

Works great

This cleaner worked great on our ITTF Donic table at our school, and now it works great for our STIGA Optimum 30 tables. Usually we use plain water, but when there's grease or dirt, we bring out this cleaner.


Beware and good luck

Good luck,the last Stiga table cleaner I purchased ruined the top. Many other players also had this comment. They even had pictures. I would like to purchase a good cleaner, but I afraid to try it on my new world-class table.

- Phil, FL