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TT-FLEX gives you a full-body workout while strengthening the primary muscles that you need to enhance your performance. TT-FLEX includes a 600 gram stainless steel paddle with premium handcrafted wood handle, with 12 attachment points and an elastic band with clips on each end, and instructions.

While working on your SERVE, SERVE RETURN, LOOPING, CHOPPING, PUSHING, COUNTERLOOPING, and SMASHING, you strengthen the major muscles groups needed to take your game to the next level. In addition to your normal training, use TT-FLEX for 10 minutes at the conclusion of each workout session. Your shots will have more speed and spin within 30 days!

TT-FLEX Includes:
* Stainless Steel Racket
* Handcrafted Premium Wood Handle
* Elastic Band with Two Clips
* Instructions

Sold Separately: TT-FLEX UPGRADE KIT:
Enhance your workout with 4 stronger bands.
The original TT-Flex™ comes with the beginner band.  The upgrade kit includes the beginning/intermediate band, the intermediate band, the advanced band, and the professional band.  

Very interesting

Very interesting I put a lead iron to a racquet a couple of years ago and it did not cost me that much ... and it served me well since I raised my level of play here in town.

- Renzo Vizcarra, FL

Great product

It definitely helps increasing your strength on your whole arm and most importantly forearm. Like the other reviewer said, it helps in practicing to get more spin on your serves and strokes too. Definitely recommend for any ages over 9.

- Sam Merrill, CA

Great way to work on my strokes, even at work!

I brought my TT -flex to my office and hooked the strap to the handle of a bookshelf drawer. Whenever I have some time or take a few min break to rest my mind, I stand up from my chair, get the TT-flex, do a few sets of strokes and put in in the drawer again. I never thought I could work on my table tennis skills at work in the office but I really do! Very innovative product, thanks!


Helped out my serves

I just bought this product and I feel like it has greatly improved my wrist strength. I use it for my serves and I might do 2 sets of 20 isolating the wrist muscle. Then I go to the table to serve and there is a noticeable increase in spin. Great product

Jeff Bafna


I purchased TT-Flex on December 2016 for both myself (~2000 rating) and my 9 yrs. old daughter. As a 1000 level player she loved it. I can easily say that TT-Flex is the best training product for any level TT players. Not only it develops primary muscles (fore/upper arm, core, leg) needed for overall body strength and proper body position, it also improves quality of strokes and serves. We have been constantly using it and in a very short time, the strength and quality of my 9 yrs old daughter's FH/BH strokes (loop, chops, serve) improved significantly. It is very simple and convenient to use. We attach it to our coffee table in the family room or TT table in the basement and practice almost 10-15 minutes everyday. The quality of the stainless steel racket and the rubber bands are very good and expecting to last for a long time. For juniors and girls I suggest to start with softer rubber bands. Overall I highly recommend this innovative product to all levels of table tennis players.

- Aydin Aykanat, OH