Table Tennis Steps to Success Book

Table Tennis Steps to Success Book

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Table Tennis: Steps to Success is an instructional table tennis book written by Richard McAfee.

Step up to table tennis success! Table Tennis: Steps to Success combines the knowledge and experience of master instructor Richard McAfee with essential table tennis techniques and strategies for today’s player.

With a unique 11-step approach designed to maximize table tennis instruction, you'll learn the proper grip for your style of play, execution of the basic strokes, and the correct way to apply spin to the ball. Then, build on these core techniques with masterful footwork, serves, returns, and stroke combinations.

Best of all, learn how and when to apply those skills in match play. With competitive strategies—adapted for both you and your opponent's playing style - you'll raise your game to a new level. And with clear instruction, comprehensive coverage, detailed photo sequences, and drills to ensure mastery of every technique, you'll be playing - and winning - in no time.

(Not to be confused with a previous book with the same title from the same publisher, this book is written by a different author with completely new and different content.)

About the Author

Richard McAfee has a lifelong commitment to table tennis. In his early years, McAfee was a successful player, winning many singles and doubles events including the 1972 U.S. Open Class B Championship and the Southern Open Men’s Singles title. Later McAfee began to focus on his true passion of coaching. He has coached national champions in each of the past three decades, seven world-ranked players, and two Olympians.

In 1994 McAfee was named competition manager for Table Tennis at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. This led to further management positions on the international scene and earned him the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Merit Award. He is also certified by USA Table Tennis (USATT) as a national-level coach, their highest level. Honors include the 2004 U.S. Olympic Committee Doc Counsilman Science Award for table tennis, the 2003 Georgia AAU Coach of the Year award for table tennis, and the 1999 U.S. Committee Developmental Coach of the Year Award for table tennis. McAfee was inducted in to the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 2005. In 2009, he was appointed chairperson of the USATT’s National Coaching Advisory Committee. He continues to travel around the world conducting coaching education courses for the International Table Tennis Federation.

Table of Contents

Climbing the Steps to Table Tennis Success
The Sport of Table Tennis
Key to Diagrams

Step 1. Preparing to Play
Step 2. Hitting Drive Strokes
Step 3. Understanding Spin and Footwork
Step 4. Executing Spin Strokes
Step 5. Serving
Step 6. Returning Serve
Step 7. Using the Five-Ball Training System
Step 8. Understanding Styles of Play and Tactics
Step 9. Playing Intermediate Strokes
Step 10. Performing Intermediate Serves
Step 11. Competing Successfully in Tournaments

About the Author

Words of Praise

"In Table Tennis: Steps to Success, Coach McAfee covers all the essential skills for becoming a successful table tennis player. Anyone who appreciates the sport and wants to learn more will love this book."

Scott Preiss
U.S. National Table Tennis Coach
Former U.S. World Team Trainer

"Table Tennis: Steps to Success is quite impressive. The step-by-step instructions lead players of all skill levels through the rules, drills, and tactics of the game."

Don Mudtangam
National Coaching Director of Thailand
Former National Coach and Player


Great overall book... Really helps u to understand the concepts of spin and pitfalls to mistakes u might be making. I have multiple books and DVDs and reading helps u to understand deeper concepts... Timo Bolls book is a great small book that helps u learn concepts u need to know for strategy and is exceptionally written and put together fantastic ... Should buy both if ur wanting to jump up in ratings

- Jeromy, FL

Great instructional book

This book breaks down every stroke into easy to follow sequence with pictures to illustrate the racket position and hand & body movement. It is the only book I know which shows the advanced serves and technique for returning them. Also adjustments of basic strokes for real game situations, such as topspin against backspin, block against topspin etc are great ways to improve your play. I recommend this book to every table tennis player who has the ambition to improve his game.


Must Get This Book

If you play table tennis, you must have it. Richard is one of the best coaches I have seen.