Butterfly Tackifire C

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 75
Spin: 91
Control: 75
Hardness: Hard



Tacky surface, which makes you think of a Chinese rubber. By this the strength of the rubber lies in a controlled service, return play with loads of spin, and in the block-play. Used by Zhang Yining.
Tackifire-C SOFT 2.1

I am using the soft version of Tackifire-C, a great super spin rubber. When used on a slow offensive blade, loops are very easy and can be hit with huge amounts of spin, even against topspin right over the table. Very spinny and controlled serves and pushes can be hit with this rubber. The rubber is very slow, so some people might want to combine with a faster blade, although I believe it would defeat the purpose of a super spin rubber. If youre looking for a balance of speed and spin, this is not the rubber for you. It is all out spin, and it does that job very well. I would recommend using a faster rubber for the backhand, such as Tackifire Drive if you want another super spin rubber, or Sriver /EL/FX if you want a more all round rubber. Bryce might be too much of a difference between forehand and backhand. A quick word on sponge: I find the strength of this rubber to lie in its long dwell time on the racket, and a thin sponge or the harder sponge version [recall that I am using Tackifire-C Soft] would have less dwell time... For this reason, I recommend getting the soft version with a 2.1 sponge.

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