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Textbook Table Tennis from Dynamic Table Tennis: Join DTT Premiere Coach Brian Pace as he shares his training system in the Textbook Table Tennis video.

This video has been designed for players of all levels, and the primary goal is to teach you the all the necessary basic skills that encompass the sport of table tennis.

This training video is meant to do the following:
• Improve your understanding of each skill by using the theory of Dynamic Harmony.
• Develop your ability to execute component-based training.
• Increase your body's ability to play into extended rallies.

DVD Chapters
1.  Introduction. Time:  9mins, 13 secs
2.  Forehand Counterdrive Series.  Time: 19mins, 41 secs
3.  Backhand Counterdrive. Series. Time:  12mins, 33 secs
4.  Forehand Loop Series.  Time: 15 mins 47 secs
5.  Combination Shots Series. Time:  21mins, 28 secs
6.  Underspin Play Series. Time: 8 mins, 17 secs
7.  Attacking Underpin Series. Time: 10 mins, 3 secs
8.  Serve & Serve Return Series. Time:  8 mins, 50 sec
9.  Rules of TT & Ending. Time: 6 mins, 5 sec
10. Bonus Competition Footage: Time: 16mins, 34 sec

Total Run Time: 2hrs, 8mins

Dynamic Harmony
The Flagship Theory that is introduced in this video is called Dynamic Harmony, and it establishes a hierarchy with regards to which components you have to put in place to develop a technique in table tennis.  Implementing this concept takes the guesswork out of which components are more or less important, therefore, accelerating your understanding and improvement.

Excellent presentation of fundamentals

Were suddenly in a training video renaissance - the excellent offering from Brian Pace is long overdue and a crucial resource for developing players like myself. Very clear presentation from Brian on the fundamental strokes. I especially like the cuts to in-game situations as these are particularly well chosen to illustrate the concepts Brian is presenting. This video is an excellent offering and will serve any player well in the development of their game.


Textbook table tennis

This is an excellent dvd with many table tennis shots covered in detail. Brian Paces teaching method is systematic. What does that mean? The dvd breaks down a shot into 3 main components that make it easy to see where you went wrong and how you could correct it. I really liked that because instead of trying to remember like 20 tips to do a forehand stroke, there are 3 parts of the shot to focus on. It gives an organized framework to improve your game. So when you miss a shot, you will know what element of the shot that you messed up on. You can improve on that in practice or make adjustments. Personally, I saw immediate results in my game after watching the dvd that greatly improved my footwork, power, return of serve, and other aspects of my game. The first tournament that I played after I watched the dvd was the best tournament Ive had so far. The dvd is not only educational but engaging and fun to watch. I recommend this to all players that want to improve their table tennis game.

- Andrew Y, NY

From Phoenix Table Tennis Club

Everyone at our club knows me and at our last tournament, I had just happened to recieve you dvd and watched it only a few times. However, I did practice the techniques which for me are fun and strategically sound. Im in the 1500 group and with only a few weeks of watching not even the entire video I was able to beat an 1900 player whom I had never beaten prior. Your video provided for me not only tabletennis skills to play. Brian, your dvd provided me with the Dynamic skills to play smarter. Thanks

- Alvato Roberts, AZ


Exceptional dvd. The light bulb kept going off in my head. Extremely easy to understand the concepts being presented. I watched the dvd for about 3 weeks and then tried some of what I had learned at the local club. The positive results were immediate. Now the different but simple components of spin make sense. I could see it in the eyes of my opponents. Theyre aware I know something and I could feel the fear. I feel like Ive been inducted into a private club where all the secrets are revealed. No longer am I a outsider. The door has been opened and Im going in. No longer am I hindered by their standards of how I should play. I can use the framework to fit my style and ability. Ive been reborn.


Textbook Table Tennis Review from www.atlantatabletennis.com

Textbook Table Tennis is a 2 hour series of exercises designed by USATT Certified National Coach Brian Pace for beginner to intermediate level players. Whether you are looking to finally break yourself out of that basement stroke, gain an edge for league night this week, or if you are just simply hoping to somehow justify that ridiculous $150+ blade purchase you made, then this video series is for you. What is unique and innovative about Textbook Table Tennis is that you can purchase it for immediate download in MP4 or WMV format to watch on your iPod or computer for US$39.99. Or if you prefer the traditional DVD you can get that too for a few more dollars. So instead of ordering a video and clicking refresh on the tracking number page every 15 minutes for a week, you can simply pay using Paypal and begin watching the series after you download it. The basis for the exercises is a framework called Dynamic Harmony. The Dynamic Table Tennis framework consists of 3 components: Proper stroke, Body Movement, and Top of the bounce. From exercise to exercise Brian tells you which component to modify in order to achieve the best possible stroke. Once you understand the framework, his explanations of the exercises become easier to understand. All of the exercise series cover the Forehand FH Loop, FH and BH Counter, Combining shots, FH and BH Push against underspin, Attacking underspinFH Loop, FH Hit, and Serve & Serve Return. Each series is separated into segments which explains each stroke to assist in understanding the exercises. Unlike other coaching videos where the “Stroke Explanation to Annoying Repetitive Music” ratio is unbearable, Brian’s coaching commentary will benefit beginner and intermediate level players who want to up their game a notch. Intermediate level players looking for new exercises or drills to try out with a partner will enjoy the variety Brian covers. His system of exercises not only concentrate on stroke production but also footwork, body and arm movement, force-to-friction ratio and even fitness level. The music that is throughout the series is a variety of electronic music that ranges from downtempo, to high energy techno. Even if you don’t care for electronic music aka, “that crazy techno stuff” that much, you will appreciate how Brian uses each song to pace and even time various points of study while you are analyzing his strokes. Other video series will often concentrate so much on the technical explanations that they forget you have to listen to the same 3 minute tune on repeat for an hour or two. If you are beginner to intermediate level player who is serious about improving but don’t have the time or the money for a full-time coach, there is no video series better for your development and your bank account than Textbook Table Tennis. Even if you are an advanced player, learning Brian Pace’s methods and the DTT framework for Dynamic Harmony will help you to explain a stroke or technique to other players you might give advice to or even coach. And if you currently coach, this video series can definitely assist in creating a comprehensive training system for your students.

- Rick Merced, GA

Textbook Table Tennis Review from www.mytabletennis.net

Short Summary Excellent presentation with clear and organized format to introduce the basic and essential techniques of table tennis. Each technique is presented with the concept of Dynamic Harmony where there are three elements that control the result of your stroke execution. Brian explains the correct mix of these three elements to achieve the textbook strokes. Also each technique is coupled with different exercises or drills to allow variations based on timing, position, and footwork. This DVD is definitely one of a kind and what sets it apart from other training videos out there is that it uses a systematic approach and the student can learn progressively. It is in English and it contains 2 hours+ worth of materials. It is an excellent learning program for beginners and a great tool for intermediate players to analyze, detect and correct deficiencies in their techniques and elevate their games to the next level. What techniques are covered? FH / BH Counter FH Loop Combination Shots FH + BH, Hit + Loop Underspin Play FH & BH push Attacking Undersping FH loop, Flip Serve & Serve Return How does it compared to other training DVDs? * Compared to Forehand Loop/Smash Mastery DVDs, the Textbook Table Tennis offers a better and detailed breakdown of the technique being taught. In terms of stroke efficiency and form, I believe both Tao Li and Brian Pace are at equal level. * Compared to other DVDs produced by major manufacturers such as Butterfly, Nittaku, Andro, Tibhar and Xiom, I think the Textbook Table Tennis is easier to grasp and you will be able to learn more, relatively.

- GenomicsKnight, MA

Textbook Table Tennis Review from www.mytabletennis.net

This is my review of the dynamic table tennis video series: having spent almost 60 australian dollars, i was a little hesitant whether the video was worth purchasing. Well let me tell you it is! the dtt framework really simplified the process stroke to stroke and there so many key things ive learnt that no one mentioned to me before: -forehand stance during bh warmup is ok -side to side and back and forward movement, if any are effected, ill be doing like a cramped sidespin fh [not good!] -always be in movement even if in a stationary position one exercise which i found useful was the changing of pace during warmup, and that being hesitant was a key factor. i wont go into too much, but the language, production value was to a high standard and the camera angles were awesome, including slo mo cameras during specific moments. I immediately tried the exercises after watching a segment of the dvd, and found my placement to be a lot better, espcially the fh down the line. what i was wondering was where the bh loop techinuqe gone to? perhaps that might be in the next video series, understandable because it is a difficult techniuqe to master, moreso than the fh loop. a nice touch in the video was the pop quiz which allowed for me active participation even if im sitting on the lounge at home, great subtle practise to guess and know it should i play a tt match. overall an awesome video with some nice matches near the end and sample clips of how things can be applied. Brian does it so well and effortless, almost like an american samsonov

- theman, INT

Textbook Table Tennis by: Brian Pace

Brian, Wow, what a video! This is going to help me tremendously. I will definately be purchasing the next two videos as well. Thanks again, David

David Vidal

Excellent product

I am a local club player in the UK just returning to the table tennis circuit after many years. Textbook Table Tennis was exactly what I was looking for I found it comprehensive yet easy to follow. A great tune up for my game.

- Wayne, INT