Tibhar 1Q

$58.95 $39.95
Item# RT1Q
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 95
Spin: 90
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium

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At first glance you notice the difference! Thanks to the SPI Technology Optimization Tibhar conceived a rubber combining the biggest speed glue effect of all their rubbers. 1Q (One-Q) is simply the fastest, most dynamic rubber enabling a high ball curve. The more robust rubber surface enables an explosive game rich in spins. The basic principle of the OPTRA technology (Optimized Trajectory Optimized ball curve) was also improved giving your balls such a boost that they will realize very long trajectories although the ball curve is very high. Your adversary will have a hard time controlling and returning your balls. With 1Q you are at the edge of your potential without passing your limits! 1Q is the code for first quality choice!
great rubber

great spin and speed with good enough control, would recommend to other

- Grey Wollman, SC

Good for Close to Table Play

Rallied with this rubber for a few and was hooked that I purchased it for myself. During game play, I realized this is good for quick close to the table game play. However, with its low throw trajectory, I noticed that this did not blend well with mid-range or away from table play. There was not enough dwell time to lift the ball.


Best rubber ever had on my fore hand

Throw - medium low to medium but very ideal to clear the net . Sensitivity - It really is insensitive to incoming spin so you can do loop drives very well and its one of the finest rubber worked well for me on smashing. Speed/Spin Ratio - It is ideal and it is loaded with heavy spin if you commit to the stroke. Only size i have used is 1.9 one little thing though is i found Black sheet was a little more gripper than the red sheet but may be that is normal.

- N S, TX

Tibhar 1Q review

Just switched to 1Q from Mark V. hv put them on a Btfly Timo Boll Spirit blade. its a home run with my topspin loopy forehands,my close to the table play and serves have improved, but Backhand chops suffer and not comfy from mid range. However Allround game has improved., Highly Recommended over the hugely priced Tenergy05. go for Tibhar 1Q!!!!

- T Palanichamy, INT