Tibhar 5Q Sound

Item# RT5QS
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 88
Spin: 94
Control: 74
Hardness: Soft


Tibhar 5Q Sound rubber: The proven and highly flexible rubber surface of the TIBHAR 5Q was reworked, and the 5Q Sound offers approximately 15% more spin.

Combined with a softer sponge, it confers an extraordinary playing sensation fitting perfectly into a topspin game. If you place rotations and sensation in your game above other playing characteristics, 5Q Sound is made for you!

Tibhar 5Q Sound confers a sound which is very close to the sound of a speed glued rubber. Controlled, spin-friendly strokes, without a big speed loss, are the main characteristics of this rubber.
Great Touch

The rubber grips the ball like most good soft rubber. 5Q Sound adds a Kill Shot. Chopping is a breeze and you can feel the grip as you push or brush the ball. Blocking is sweet. I am always looking for a backhand rubber but quit looking for the perfect forehand rubber. I use Max black rubber on my forehand for the speed while enjoying an ability to blocking and put spin on the ball! Kill shots are not “explosive” like Tenergy however; it’s fast enough to hit winners. I play about 7 hours a week and figure the rubber is good for about 4 ˝ months. No complaints!

Scott Landon

Excellent rubber

Perfect speed and spin, medium to hard rubber. Great for topspin and blocking. Also sounds great, very highly recommended !

- Ernesto, PR