Tibhar Carbon Square Rectangular Case

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Cases



The Tibhar Square Rectangular Case is a semi-rigid rectangular shaped case that can hold one or two paddles. Zips around three sides so it can open all the way flat. Interior has stretchy strap on one side and stretchy mesh pocket on the other. Carrying loop.

Size: 29 x 19 x 5cm.
Color: Silver, or Black
Great case with one huge flaw

This is a great hard case that is large enough to fit two rackets, and up to 4+ balls. It has a nice carbon fiber look to it and lined with felt. What the product image doesn't show is the inside of the case. Inside has an elastic band on one side and mesh net on the other. However, they are sewn in backwards. If you are right handed you would hold the case by the seam in your left hand with the zipper (in closed position) on top. When you unzip and open it though, the mesh pocket is on the left and upside down, and the elastic band is on the right in high position. Even if you are left handed in the scenario above, the zipper would be located on the bottom when in the closed position. Overall, great attempt at a hard case, but terrible design.

- Rick Merced, GA