Tibhar ComBAT

$49.95 $36.95
Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF
Speed: 92
Control: 62
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 7w
Blade Thickness: 6.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $114.95
Material: All Wood

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The Tibhar ComBAT is a 7-ply wood blade with stiff outer layers and relatively soft inner layers possesses a high potential of dynamics. It's the ideal weapon for a topspin-rich offensive game. Grip and racket shape are perfectly harmonized and confer an extraordinary balance. Thanks to the varnished surface, ComBAT is a strong and hard-wearing blade.
Solid 7-ply all wood blade

This Tibhar ComBat 7-ply all wood blade is very solid and provides a great control and feeling. At this price, it's a steal. It is very similar to the twice-as-expensive Nittaku Ludeack, but has a slightly ticker handle, which I personally prefer, that provides more stable hand grip and better feeling during ball contact in my personal experience. I also own Nittaku Ludeack. As a final thought, Tibhar ComBat feels slightly faster than Nittaku Ludeack, but with very similar control!