Tibhar Legend

$27.95 $19.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 75
Spin: 81
Control: 75
Hardness: Medium-Soft


Tibhar Legend has an extremely adhering surface, which when combined with a very soft sponge allows this high quality Chinese rubber to play more like its European counterparts. This then makes it the ideal rubber for players looking great spin with touch and control.
Good for begineers

If opponent has good quality paddle and high end rubber, then this rubber is not enough to beat the opponent.

- dhaval joshi, CA

Killer Rubber

Glad it is back in stock. out of the rubbers I've used my favorite hands down. I benefit from it's control in my everyday playing with friends. On paddles with this rubber I find more wins, plain and simple. For the price it can't be beat for my playing style. Good feel too. Last I went to order and got Volcano instead of this, but found I loved this rubber much more, and there was not a suitable replacement for me. Glad it is in stock:)

- Chad, CA

Great All Around Rubber

This rubber is durable, has excellent spin, and wonderful control. It is not fast, but the smashes and fast loops will stay on the table. This is a great value for the learning player who hits the faster rubbers off the table.

- Don S, SC

Im lovin it

Amazing stuff! Super tacky, super cheap and great control for any shot you want to do.



Amazing rubber! I couldnt believe that it was as good as it is.

size answer and other stuff

The rubber comes in squares large enough to cover just about any paddle; youll have to cut it down to fit 99% of the time. Legend was good to me when I was using it. Its got great control and spin. Feels like you can do anything with it, push, loop, block, chop, whatever. Not a whole lot of speed, but decent nevertheless.


This rubber spins as good as the 50 dollar rubber i tried last time. It is extremley good for players who play a relentless topsping game, but offers lots of tackienes for side spin.

Good deal

This rubber spins very well, and is fairly powerful. It also has surprisingly good control. It's also cheap, at $22 on sale, which is definitely worth it


How do I know what the size of the rubber is? Not just the thickness. I want to know if I need to cut them out of a square or what. Because I'm making my own paddle and I don't know if this is going to be big enough to cover my whole paddle, not that my paddle is larger than normal or anything.