Tibhar Nianmor

$51.95 $36.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 87
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Nianmor is unbeatable in terms of speed! Nianmor is perfectly adapted to the mid-distance offensive game and is great for topspin and counter topspin strokes. Thanks to a perfect mix of natural and synthetic caoutchouc in the sponge composition and a new disposition of the pimples, Nianmor features the newest standards of Japanese rubber technology. This new and costly rubber allows topspin strokes with a high catapult level with lots of speed and rotation.

Flexibility, speed, catapult effect, and lots of rotation -- Nianmor is simply the best suited rubber for the new offensive game!

Simply the best!

Just received a Nittaku blade with a red Tihbar Nianmor for the FH and a black Xiom Omega IV Europe for the BH and went to the table tennis club I play . Friends on mine , including a top player in the island was curious about the rubbers since he has only used Butterly over the years. Now he has a Bryce Speed for the FH and a Tenergy 64 for the BH. He played with the Smart Pong robot for about 45 minutes, he could not stop , until I said enough! He tells me that the Nianmor had about the same velocity speed as the Bryce speed and the same spin the tenergy 64 has. He told me it is an incredible rubber, probably the best FH rubber he has ever had. He also told that me that he was going to buy it. About the Xiom Omega IV Europe, he said it had a little more spin that Tenergy 64 , but it was also a little bit slower. Also told me it had much more control. He said the combination of the Nianmor and the Xiom were outstanding , one of the best. He finally let me try the paddle, and I can say my friends that the Nianmor is the best rubber I have ever tried , period. The Xiom is the best BH rubber I have ever used. Amazing!!!

- Ernesto Torres, PR

jack of all trades

this rubber is very versatile, spin, drive, chop and with excellent control. worth the money.

- hu min duth, AZ

Good rubber with lot of spin

I recd my new paddle with Nianmor in FH and MarkV in BH. The rubber has a very smooth good feel, and the spin is excellent. In terms of spin I can compare it closely with my other paddles rubber which is Donic Barracuda, but the touch and feel of Nianmor is better. Throw is less which gives better control. And overall it makes the game very easy for you. So far, Im loving it.

- Nilanjan Bhattacharya, WA

David Yu says its good!

Spending Tens of Thousands bucks a year playing with all kinds of rubbers, I rate the Nianmor No 2 amongst my top 5 current rubbers in the world. They are: Tenergy, Nianmor, Bryce Speed, Sinus, Air Condle. Nianmor is very fast, yet gripy and have a low throw and sinking 2nd jump, which is lethal.


Fast and good

I never thought I would be the one to say something like this in this overpriced world, but this rubber is worth it. I just got Nianmor in Max for my forehand, but I can see already that it is the one for me. It is fast but the control I have is amazing. I can counter the ball much better and it has the speed I need to put it away.