Tibhar Nimbus Delta S

$49.95 $34.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 77
Control: 86
Hardness: Medium-Soft

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Original price was in 2022


The new Delta S rubber is the result of Tibhar's decision to produce a new generation of rubbers that concentrate the three fundamental characteristics of the highly successful NIMBUS rubber family -- speed, playing sensation, and control. When compared to the original NIMBUS ranges, both the new versions -- Delta V and Delta S -- have new pimple orientation providing a more dynamic and extreme catapult reaction to the ball. Delta S is the version with more feeling and playing sensation -- for the player striving to play a spinnier game.

Delta S: More feeling and playing sensation, for the player striving to play a spinnier game.
Delta V: For speed, it will be the player's first choice if he privileges a fast game.

great... after a couple hours

Im not used to any type of break-in period for a rubber these days.... other than a few Chinese style sticky rubbers... but Im glad this had one. At first gluing, the throw off the Nimbus S seemed exceptionally low, the rubber surface a little hard, and no noticeable sound. After a few hours though, the surface softened up and really grabbed the ball nicely, bringing very fast, spinny shots with the plastic ball down onto the table with ease. The throw changed to medium... maybe even a bit more, and very nice loud glue sound developed. The soft surface makes service and the short game very spinny AND controllable... yet the speed is high even though this is the spinnier of the two version. A really nice rubber overall.

- Dave, MI