Tibhar Quantum S

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 78
Control: 84
Hardness: Medium



Tibhar Quantum S rubber puts the focus on catapult response at the precise moment of bat/ball contact. Quantum and Quantum S will also allow you to keep the dynamics of your strokes even after switching over to plastic balls. The composition of the sponge produces fantastic playing sensation and a totally regular ball trajectory. Your strokes will be loaded with just the right amount of energy thanks to the perfect pimple/rubber partnership..

Choose Quantum for a fast game
Choose Quantum S for extra control and sensation
Just a little better than described

It does seem like they got this rubber right for the plastic ball. It grabs it and holds it just the amount to make up for the heavier, slippery ball. It plays fast and spinny, yet is easy to block and push with. My favorite characteristic though {with the S version anyway}... is you can really, really spin the serve and still place it where you want. True there have been other rubbers with this ability, but this gives the most spin/control combo {in my opinion} without being sticky and hence slow, or hard, or overly reactive. Im using it on a med-fast hinoki setup... so some of the touch may be from my blade... but it`s definitely worth a hit if you`re still looking for a plastic-ball rubber replacement/improvement. Oh... and it has a really predictable yet powerful, quick-loop-off-the-bouce too.

- Dave, NV