Tibhar VS Top Glue

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Glue

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Tibhar VS Top Glue is a quick drying VOC-free glue. It is made from 100% liquidized natural caoutchouc. After a drying period of 10 - 15 minutes it allows you to stick the rubber down onto the blade. It is also easy to remove the rubber from your blade and any small remaining particles of glue can be easily peeled away from the sponge.

This VS Top Glue glue comes in a 90ml bottle with a clip and sponges for spreading the glue.
Sticks like Crazy Glue

This glue makes your rubber stick on the blade like crazy glue. When its time to change your rubber, removing the rubber from the blade is really difficult. This glue caused my rubber to completely rip in half when it was time for me to change it

Strong Bond, Yet Comes Off Clean

Ive tried many different brands of glue and there are only 2 that I will ever use again, This glue, Tibhar VS Top Glue, and Butterfly Free Chack. Very easy to clean off the blade and does not damage the sponge of your rubber when removing from the blade, even with soft sponges. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU PLAN TO CHANGE YOUR RUBBER.

- Tony Goss, MO

Excelent Glue

I have used Donic and Stiga water-based glues. This one is by far the best and it goes a long way.

- Gastón Camou, INT