Tibhar White Sword

$108.95 $76.95
Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF-
Speed: 90
Control: 71
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 3w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: Wood + Composite

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Tibhar White Sword is a pure spin weapon! With 2 plies carbon fibre and 3 wood plies, this offensive blade is secure and stable for service, and it increases the Sweetspot (optimised ball/bat contact zone) and the precision of your game. The medium soft outer and heart layers of White Sword confer a great playing sensation. The extraordinary sensation and high dynamic make White Sword a pure spin weapon.
Wish I could give this 0 stars

I wrote the review above after having the paddle a short time. I wish I could take it back entirely. Maybe I just got a defective paddle, but the construction on this thing is horrible. After 3 months or relatively light use (maybe 30 mins average a day) , the handle split right down the middle, log ways. I didn't hit it on a table, I didnt put weight on it to bend it. I took very good care of it. Always putting it back in the case, and never applying any pressure to it. About a week ago, I hit a backhand shot and noticed that it felt very strange. I looked at the paddle and yep, split all the way. So, I took some Tidebond 3 wood glue, glued it up, and clamped it for about 2 hours. Seemed to be back in working order. I played again with it last night, and it started to split in a different spot. Now, where the blade meets the handle, the blade itself is splitting. This thing is VERY disappointing. This is a horribly constructed paddle. I might expect this from a 30 dollar paddle, but not a 110 dollar paddle. Buyer beware.

- Nick Thompson, WA

So close to 5 stars

I really would give this blade five stars if it weren't for the plastic label on the handle coming completely off after about 2 weeks. That aside, the blade is excellent. Being a two-winged looper, I opted for the anatomic handle, which feels much like any other anatomic handle. The thickness and feel of the wood fits my hand nicely. It's a bit rough compared to a couple other paddles I've had in the past. After a bit of play though, I came to like this. I get much less slip on my grip with sweaty palms. So the roughness is a plus for me. As far as feel goes, I have it paired with a scriver 1.9 on my backhand and a 2.1 Mark V on my forehand. I can't speak for any other set up, but the vibration when you hit the ball is excellent. Not too much, not too little, but just enough to know you hit it well when you connect. The sweet spot also feels a bit larger than average. Likewise, touch in the short game is also excellent, however, this could just be that I've used these same rubbers on other paddles for a long time. The power this thing generates is top notch. For a comparison. A while back I had the Freindship Bomb 729 (Older version) that was rated about a 95 on speed. The White Sword generates more speed on the ball IMO. Just taking a stab here, but I'd say on the average hit, I'm getting 5 or so extra mph and on a slam maybe upwards of 10. Not sure I agree with the OFF- rating. Feels a lot more like an OFF to OFF+. All around excellent paddle. Just really wish that label didn't come off. I think if you are looking for a light paddle with a lot of pop and touch, this is a great choice.

- Nick Thompson, WA