Wonderful and Wacky World of Table Tennis DVD

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This classic highlights production has been a big favorite. Bloopers and amazing shots by Mazunov, Kucharski, Grubba, Appelgren, Kalinic, Rosskopf, Persson, Lindh, Waldner, Xinhua, Matsushita, Fetzner, etc. Enjoy this whiz-bang hour of highlights from 1985-1990.

Features the most incredible points and wackiest happenings of world-class play. Improve your game by studying the style and form of the best players. Reveal the excitement of the game to your non-table tennis friends.

Includes sections on:
loopers and bloopers,
smashing and crashing,
chopping and flopping,
all-out attacking
and hilarious hacking!!

There's hardly a moment on this tape that isn't a hard-to-believe highlight.