Xiom Sigma II Pro

Item# RXS2P
Brand: Xiom
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 95
Control: 67
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Sigma II Pro from Xiom: The close-to-table strategy initiated and matured by Chinese players is changing the professional playing style all over the world. Advantages of the close-to-table strategy vary from the aggressive service return to overall tactical efficiency. Sigma II Pro is the rubber of choice for close to the table play! Internal Mechanic Boost (IMB) of Hyper Elasto technology is advanced for close to the table play. Dynamics of Sigma II Pro is designed to deliver higher energy on the spinning ball. The ball winds up quicker and aggressively lower on the opponent's court while starting out comfortably higher. Very exact and hyper-spinning ball trajectory is made by the combination of new IMB technology and the world dominating black Carbo Sponge.

Raise your standard and win with us!

  • IMB Generation for the modern close-to-table style
  • Winning trajectory with extra-energized spin
  • Hyper dynamics of the world-dominating Carbo Sponge

My BH counterloop now is going through their 4H's and BH's.


Comparable to Ten 05 but with better control.


This rubber will do exactly what you want it to do. The feel and spin of the rubber is amazing, but it does not lack the power to finish opponents with loops or drives. The real strength of the rubber is the variety of shots you can produce in terms of spin. The rubber has enough pop for a flatter loop to be effective, but you can really throw an opponent off by contacting further towards the edge and giving it a lot of spin. Serves have immense spin potential, and similarly to the loops, it is easy to throw your opponent off. Playing defense is a pleasure with this rubber due to the incredible feel. Blocks are very natural and easy to execute. Fishing and lobbing from behind or beneath the table is easy for the same reason, as well as the short game. All in all, the only weakness I would place on this rubber is that is lacks some power from far behind the table, but this can be compensated for by heavy spin to approach the table again. Mid distance of three or four feet is still fine. I wouldnt buy anything else for my forehand. I do personally prefer a harder, flatter rubber for my backhand, but to each their own. If spin and touch is a large part of your backhand, I would highly recommend it for that as well.

Alexander Atwood