Xiom Vega Europe

Brand: Xiom
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 91
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium


Vega Europe from XIOM: The softest version in the Vega series. Vega Europe is equipped with a soft version of the "Carbo Sponge". This unique sponge gives a soft and exciting feel, and provides the same level of energy efficiency as the harder Vega Pro and Asia. The new "Hyper Elasto" top layer of natural rubber has a special pimple structure for great trampoline effect and extraordinary dwelling time. The combination of the special sponge and top layer endows Vega Europe with mighty control, as well as an innovative spin performance. It creates the largest safe zone (window) above the net for topspin attacks. As a result, it will greatly reduce the probability of mistakes.

Vega Europe is recommended for players of modern European style, who play with continuous and controlled topspin on both sides.

Safer Spin Attack with upgraded control
More chances and fewer miss-shots with "big window"
Black Carbo sponge generates more power
Longer Lifetime and durability of rubber

Great Rubber

Wanted to try this rubber due to Butterfly Tenergy prices going up again. Compared to T80FX you get the same great speed, spin, and control at half the price. Topsheet has a dull muted appearance with lots of mechanical grip not tacky grip. This rubber is durable long lasting and is not easy to tear after hitting the edge of the table sharply. A great allround rubber for all your strokes that will surprise you with its performance. Looping is strong with medium arc and fast speed. Price to performance ratio on this rubber cannot be beat. Very suitable for intermediate to advanced players. Butterfly is resting on their laurels which is a huge mistake. Do yourself a big favor and try this rubber, it is that good. This rubber is much better than BTY Rondell, Bryce, and Sriver G3.

- Butch, NE

Very good for intermediate players practice

Xiom Vega Europe used in 1.8mm on BH, Allround blade. This rubber generates very good topspin from smaller-moves BH counterhits, and combined with the higher arc allows me good BH topspin-blocks as well. I like it a lot when hitting with friends. When it comes to points, I use long pips. Feels medium-soft to me, and is rather light, circa 38g glued. I have not tried enough pushes/return serve and dont have a real BH loop. Given the moderate price, it achieved my goal of having fun. Next time however Ill search for something lighter, even if pricier. Review submitted June 2015

- GC, IL

Very complete rubber

First impression was it is very well made and it looks durable. After trying it for some days I can't describe how good this rubber is in every aspect. It can lift backspin easily with the correct stroke. Blocks wells, chops ok but your not supposed to chop with this rubber. It can produce amazing speed and spin if used correctly. I would definitely stay using xiom rubbers for a long time now.

Marcos Lim

Best rubber Ive ever used!!!

Best rubber ever!!! Ive used many different kinds of rubbers but this is the best one by far. Vega Europe is my favorite out of all the Xiom rubbers.

Much better than tenergy 05 FX

Lets get serious about the price; I wouldnt pay $80 for tenergy. The bottom-line is the prices of all butterfly rubbers are inflated TOO MUCH. however, this Xiom rubbers have everything you need. I am sure about speed compare to tenergy, but absolutely spinier with softer hitting feeling. Forget about butterfly rubbers.

- Loc Tao, CA

Vega Europe - good rubbers!!

Vega europe is one of the best new generation spring sponge rubber you can buy with under $40. It performs very well in everyway, not too fast with lot of control and good durability. It is also good with different type of blades. I have used at least 8 sheets and also many players in my club use it. Everyone likes it. Try one yourself, can not go wrong with this rubber!

- Allan From Canada, AB