Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

Brand: Yasaka
Class: OFF
Speed: 89
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 84
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.9
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood

Available as a popular PRO SPECIAL!


Awesome offensive blade used by 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Ma Lin!

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive is the blade used by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Ma Lin! (penhold version) Excellent speed performance, in attacks as well as in the important blocking play. Large sweet spot. Surface is lacquered at factory to improve speed and durability.
Great blade!

Great powerful blade with control. Feels a little hard coming from Optimum Sync in the beginning but after a few sessions found the solidness just right. Pairs well with H3 NEO. I got an 84 gram blade.

Really like the large sweet spot

This is my first OFF blade after playing an ALL- blade in the past. What Im most impressed with is the large sweet of this blade. Every shot feels like Im hitting it pure. Also, Im getting a lot more speed on my loops. Great blade!

- K. Jones, CA

YEO w/Mark V

Got this for my first paddle set up. Paired up with 2.0 Mark V on both sides. The blade is pretty light and fast. Speed and spin are awesome with this setup. Seems very easy to do any shots you want, after adjusting of course. I am a mid/far player and the setup has good power in my range. Good feel with the Mark V and has a nice sound. I feel this is a good setup for advanced or new players.

Rich Tran

Great blade

Best straight handle ever. Well balanced. Large sweet spot. Switched from an ALL+ to this OFF blade, and I would recommend anyone to do the same. You gain a lot more speed without sacrificing too much control.

Nice build quality

This blade I ended up selling because I wanted a slower setup. Very nice quality and the best straight handle I have ever felt. I may end up getting another Yasaka blade like the original Gatien Extra since the handles are supposedly the same. Cant go wrong with this brand.


great blade

just got this blade and it is one of the best ive played with ive beenplaying for 30 years ive tried allot carbons tbs michael maze schlagger stiga clippa alpha and many more woods i will be sticking with this desto f1 forehand 2mmm jo copppa silver back hand 2mm great

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