Yasaka Mark V Special Edition

Brand: Yasaka
Class: OFF-
Speed: 87
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 84
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $128.95
Material: All Wood


Leading the way in table tennis technology, Yasaka designed the Mark V Special Edition, an offensive blade with incredible control for the offensive game. The makers of the famous Mark V rubber have created this extraordinarily well-balanced, ultra-touch, powerful blade expressly for the offensive player who wants to dominate a powerful loop, smash, or loop-drive with precision blocking or countering of anything that comes your way.
Yasaka Mark V special edition

I purchased this early this year from PP as a combo special. After using it twice a week about 8 months. I decided to replace the rubbers. The partial outer thin wood were pulled out as I removed the rubber. I know the blade cost only $50.00 but I did not expect this blade quality is this bad which render it unuseable

- Edward, CA

Good For Pure Loopers

This blade has a lot of flex and isn't as fast as claimed. Great for controlled close/mid distance looping and allround game. Not a linear blade for drives or smashes, lacks power. Construction is good. Nice control with classic rubbers for lower levels. 4 Stars.

- Frogger, NE

Great Blade

Awesome blade for my offensive looping game, and the touch is great. And I do have outstanding power on my counter-drive and smash. I was using this blade with Mark V rubber max sponge with good results, and now with Nittaku Narucross EX Soft. Outstanding!

Mark V Special Edition Blade

I totally agree with the review # 1 this blade is great for looping and setting up offensively, but it is serious lacking of power when smashing.


This blade isn't nearly as fast as its specs make it look. To put it in perspective, i still have to work fairly hard to get some serious juice of of my JUIC Scramble 21 Ultima with MAX sponge. It has a very soft and controlled feel, which is great for looping and setting up offensively, but it is seriously lacking a nice solid feel when smashing. Another annoyance was that the handle was extraordinarily rough when i got it, so rough that i felt the need to sand it, before even attempting to play with it. However, for the combo price, I think it's worth it for the table tennis player on a budget.

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