Butterfly Sriver

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 79
Spin: 79
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Butterfly Sriver is one of the best-selling Butterfly rubber sheets of all time. Great for offensive play.
A Great Classic

Sriver is the workhorse, durable, affordable, and very well rounded for all the strokes in the game. Can be fast and spinny with correct stroke on a OFF or OFF+ blade. Can be used by all levels of players. Need more control and improved blocking and counter attack then Sriver is your rubber.



Price is not too bad. Long lasting (at least a couple years lifetime). Very good control. Very good for defense, especially for returning loops. Offense side, it makes good spin, but doesn't give enough power - a little bit too soft.


Sriver is an All Around rubber it cannot be described as something else , great for people who play close to the table, speed is just right but the spin is a little on the middle section dont get me wrong it has a GOOD spin but not so when compared with other Butterfly rubbers. Sriver is the rubber you wanna use for surprise attacks when youre in relatively fast all around game. Also suitable for beginner players who are still learning proper strokes and prefer to have a lot of control in their hands.


Sriver, the greatest all round rubber available

Sriver is an unparalleled all round rubber. No rubber comes close to the balance of speed and spin achievable with Sriver. The rubber does everything, making it a great beginners rubber, as well as advanced all round players rubber. However, as your game specializes, some people prefer to go to a version of Bryce for speed, or Tackifire for spin. Lots of players do stick with Sriver as it is definitely the choice for the balanced table tennis player. Keep in mind that Sriver is available in EL and FX versions, for softer sponges. From hardest to softest, regular Sriver, Sr-EL, Sr-FX. The softer sponge will allow for slightly more spin and the harder sponges offer great touch and feel for blocking/pushing, while still retaining the speed and spin that makes Sriver such a great rubber. You cant go wrong with Sriver.

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