Dynamic Table Tennis DVD: Competition TT Training

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Brian Pace (USATT National Certified Coach), shares his techniques and methodologies that he uses when completing a training cycle for peak performance.

This DVD focuses on the details of training phases with the ultimate goal of producing a Peak Performance Period for a big event. The workouts in this training video have been designed so you can smoothly transition from one training phase to the next. The key to winning is really learning how to compete, and this video takes you through that process.

* Build and improve your Stroke Production
* Create the correct Tactical Pathway to execute your shots.
* Prepare yourself to play the Big Event, and perform at your highest level.

DVD Chapters
1. Introduction
2. Phase 1 (Technical System)
3. Phase 2 (Tactical System)
4. Phase 3 (Strategic System)
5. Brian Pace Testimonies & Ending
6. Bonus Footage: Brian Pace Competition Matches