Nittaku Flyatt Soft

Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 91
Control: 71
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Nittaku Flyatt Soft is the softer sponge version of Flyatt table tennis rubber. Produced from high grade natural rubber with the help of advanced high polymer Active Charge Technology. You will enjoy outstanding spin and speed with ideal ball trajectory. Softer sponge for excellent feel and balance.
Great Off- Rubber

I used this rubber with the Tibhar Match blade as a back-up for my $200 Nittaku Paddle. and to my amazement I like this combo better and at half the price! Great speed, great spin, and great control. I also like this for both backhand and forehand. This rubber has less speed than the Flyatt Hard, but I'm sure some of the lack of speed is due to my blade.


Fast and controlible

I love this rubber. I thought I would try this one since I liked the Flyatt Hard so well. They are very similar to one another. The main difference is the speed and control. The Flyatt Soft has a little more control, noticeable less speed, and maybe slightly better spin than the Flyatt Hard. However, both rubbers are speed orientated. Both of these rubbers seem to adapt well with any kind of blade, Def or All blades will give you less power but better control and maybe depending on the blade better spin.

Thomas Phelps

Bouncy, loud hollow sound, but not grippy

As title described, I can only use it on my forehand, because of forehand bigger swing form. Its killing power is surprising… my partners all asked me: Is it Tenergy…? I tried on backhand a few times, missed lots of easy shots, particularly when against underpin. It is similar to Joola F2, however much more elastic, but F2 provides much easier control.