Stiga Infinity VPS V

Item# SSINF5
Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF
Speed: 88
Control: 65
Blade Weight: 83
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Combo Price: $165.95
Material: All Wood



Used by the Youth Olympic Games 2014 Gold Medalists Fan Zhendong (Men's) and Liu Gaoyang (Women's). The Stiga Infinity VPS V with Diamond Touch, with the brand new Veneer Precision System (VPS) technology is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature. The Diamond Touch technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness and the surface an incredibly smooth finish; combined with the VPS technology the result is an offensive lightweight blade with outstanding solid touch and feeling.

Stiga Infinity VPS V gives you the possibility to master the key elements in today's modern game: aggressive receives which help you gain the upper hand at an early stage, and the possibility to follow up with powerful and aggressive topspin shots. Developed together with top players from the Chinese National Team, the Infinity VPS V suits the more offensive minded player with powerful topspin strokes!

Infinity VPS V:

Gold Medalist Fan Zhendong uses Infinity VPS V blade:

TableTennisDaily's product review of Infinity VPS V:

Good, but FZD doesn't use this anymore

I tried this blade for about a year as an offensive competitive player, and it's good overall. It gives a lot of feedback on each shot, so it's great for developing good feeling. It's a bit slow for the modern offensive game depending on your level, which is probably why Fan Zheng Dong used it as a junior and then switched to a carbon version later. It seems that his current blade has the same handle as this one, but his blade itself is some kind of carbon version (you can see the carbon layers in close up video or photos of his racket). Overall, I still like it, but just realize that he's not actually producing those cannon shots you've been seeing recently using this blade. It's not sufficient for the modern offensive game at the highest level, but it's still good for many players and for developing touch.

Good all wood

This is an excellent blade, needs fast and spiny rubbers.

- Bill Petrovic, IL

Blade of Champions!

Initially starting defensive when I first started playing as a freshman in college, Stiga has always stood out and been a personal favorite of mine. To compare to the other two Stiga rackets I've owned [1. Stiga Vantage | 2. Stiga Optima], this blade is just right. The Vantage was a bit heavy to me as far as an initial racket so that led me to purchase the Optima racket. i enjoyed the light weight of the racket, however i was not a fan either set of rubber on the rackets. Upon improving and adjusting playstyles adopting a more aggressive approach, i replaced the rubbers on the Vantage blade with a Joola Express 1 for my forehand and a Tibhar Legend for backhand. Still not quite the right feel for me, I chose to try out the Infinity VPS V. ITS GREAT! Balanced weight with a generous sweet spot and forgiving of not so solid shots. I fell into groove after only about 10 min of rallies with the new rubbers on!

- RJ Sherman, GA

I don't get it

Not a fan of this blade. If you are like me it only takes a short time to decide if a paddle is worth continuing to us . This paddle felt awkward compared to the Donic Caymen and Tmoball Offensive. I would not recommend this paddle for people who like light and controlled game play.

- Lee Wong, NY

Best stiga i've played.

Great off- blade, for mid to close distance play. The light blade works with heavy or light rubbers. Has great touch while still having a dwell time perfect for spin and control.

- Danny A, FL

Great all wood blade!

Recently I switched from fast carbon blade to this one. If you have been playing sort of loop/topsping style off the table with carbon blade for a while and you like to progress i recommend this blade. It offers the power/smash of a carbon blade yet it has great capabilities of wood blades (control,easy opening first loop, more spin). Like all wood blades it requires good arm speed and technique, if you have this you can make very fast loops. I recommend medium to soft rubbers on this blade. Those who love tenergy do find that it usually works only with carbon or alc blades, but to my suprise it works with this Stiga blade. Pros: Price,Fast, good control, nice dwell, easy to loop and smash. feels good in your hand, lots of handle style available, nice appearance. Cons: Needs to be sealed, fragile edges, needs to be sanded (rough edges especially where handle meets face of the blade. Overall-I recommend this to anyone who likes wood blades but often finds them too slow compared to carbon. Some people might not like the sound it makes-its unique but weird (i tried with many rubbers, i would recommend calibra lt sound or tenergy fx.

- Shwagier, INT

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